Transform Employee Health & Business Outcomes

The Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health reports companies with wellness programs outperform others on the stock market. Aside from the traditional business responses such as quelled health care costs and lower absenteeism, the value of wellness in the workforce continues to emerge.

What is the value to your company of employees who:

  • Are present and pay attention to detail?
  • Are happy and work well together as a team?
  • Are responsive to customers in a positive manner?
  • Are conscientious and mindful of safety procedures?

Western culture considers the mind and body to be independent systems. On the contrary, clinical evidence proves that yoga, mindfulness, and physical activity is critical to the way we think, the way we feel, and therefore, the way we function.

Employees can learn to be effective leaders and superior communicators. Given the right tools they can also learn to live a life of elevated physical vitality and mental clarity. Be a step ahead of the competition in your industry by incorporating a workplace wellness program.

***Ask about our yoga and fitness for cancer programs. Judy supports people who find themselves on the cancer spectrum resume daily activities, improving their functional skills and overall quality of life.***




"Judy has a richly diverse background and would be a valued asset in any health care and training organization. She is not only a talented yoga instructor but practices in many of the health, fitness and nutrition domains. Her skills span a wide range of knowledge for training, workshops, consulting and 1:1 instruction."

Mark Castle
Lead Program Manager, Castle Associates Consulting


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