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"If you ever say, 'Someone should do something about that', be that someone." ~ Judy

  • Are you interested in initiatives that benefit society?
  • Is your business looking for ways to connect and give back to the community?
  • Is your charitable organization seeking original ideas to raise funds and awareness for your cause?

Corporate Consciousness

Judy collaborates with event planners of corporate partners, charitable organizations and philanthropists who share a vision in social initiatives that strengthen their communities. She combines 3 decades of experience in nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaching with her passion to serve others, leaving the world a little better place than she found it.

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Together Doing a World of Good

Joining forces with event coordinators to build distinctive workshops and fundraising campaigns, Judy strives to deepen the connection of companies to their community by rallying civic minded people around causes of social good. Presentations are creatively linked to your event; it's foundation is based on your vision and targeted outcome.



Define Corporate Identity

Setting you apart from your competitors, the charitable element of your company is the cornerstone of its brand. Sharing corporate social responsibility practices amplifies public relations and generates positive publicity. It signals a commitment to the community and improves your business reputation.

Cultivate Team Building

Participating in employer sponsored activities promotes camaraderie as employees work together toward a shared mission. Employees demonstrate to the community, clients, and business partners that your organization and its leadership team are dedicated to charitable causes.

Enhance Recruitment and Retention

Brand image is an influential recruitment tool for attracting top talent and reinforces to employees that they made a good job choice. Supporting philanthropic programs attracts and maintains a loyal workforce, being a company employees are proud to work for.

Boost Your Professional Network

Being part of a charity, you belong to a powerful network of business owners who together make an impact and gain exposure for social causes. Building alliances with like-minded businesses will strengthen ties and foster relationships, essential for long term success.

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Introduce health strategies to your team; learn about Judy's wellness workshops. An articulate and dynamic group leader, she has inspired and motivated countless clients on their journey to wellness. Judy is the author of the health and wellness book Eat Like You Give A Damn.

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Team up with Judy to be part of the solution & make an impact for your social cause.


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