Fundraising For Social Cause

If you've ever said, "Someone should do something about that," be that someone.

  • Is your company interested in initiatives that benefit society?
  • Is your business looking for ways to connect and give back to the community?
  • Is your charitable organization seeking ideas to raise funds and awareness for your cause?

Corporate Consciousness

Judy collaborates with event planners of corporate partners, charitable organizations and philanthropists who share a vision in social initiatives that strengthen their communities.

Learn More About Judy Molinaro

Doing A World Of Good

Combining her knowledge as a yoga and fitness instructor with her passion to serve others, Judy hopes to leave the world a little better place than she found it.


Corporate Gain To Fundraisng For Social Cause

Define Company Identity

Corporate social responsibility practices generates positive publicity; signaling a commitment to the community.

Cultivate Team Building

Participating in employer sponsored activities promotes camaraderie as employees work together toward a shared mission.

Enhance Recruitment & Retention

Supporting philanthropic programs attracts and maintains a loyal workforce, being a company employees are proud to work for.

Boost Your Professional Network

Belong to a powerful network of business owners who together make an impact and gain exposure for social causes.

Support humanitarian endeavors

Team up with Judy to be part of the solution & make an impact for your social cause.


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