Integrative Health Partnerships

Judy believes that cancer is not just a physical problem; we should be addressing the whole person. Working with integrative healthcare leaders in the cancer field, Judy provides patient-centered care, helping them become long-term cancer survivors.

The road to recovery for the cancer patient will likely begin in the doctor’s office with a treatment protocol; but the journey to wellness shouldn't end there. Overall quality of life must be taken into consideration and complimentary treatments should be available to support those undergoing treatment, into recovery, and onto long-term survivorship.

To bring balance to the lifestyle of the patient, it is essential to include integrative healthcare programs such as yoga, physical movement, and mindful meditation.

As a yoga and fitness for cancer practitioner, Judy works with medical leaders in cancer care helping people affected by the cancer experience. She has been trained in evidence-based programs; receiving her Certificates of Completion from Duke Integrative Medicine in Mindful Yoga for Cancer, and the Cancer Exercise Training Institute as a Cancer Exercise Specialist.




"Judy models gracious consideration and compassion, qualities of the highest essence of yoga. With kindness and discipline, she teaches the benefits of yoga to our diverse group. Judy mediates my relationship with yoga through her meticulous, perceptive cuing, and even more through her example of strong yet gentle devotion to the practice and the people. I have incurable cancer, but cancer does not have me. Yoga has my attention and my body, not only on the mat, but also as I walk, sit, breathe, work, and go about my life. This is true largely because of Judy. "

Roberta Sappington
Long-time yoga student, long-term cancer survivor.

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