Wellness Coaching

Judy supports people who are struggling with diet, exercise, emotional burdens, and those who find themselves on the cancer spectrum achieve their wellness goals by creating health programs based on their personal needs.

Americans are more overweight, physically unfit, and stressed out than ever before.

The consequence of these struggles has resulted in a nationwide health crisis.

Judy regularly address the needs of people who are suffering from common social ills and cancer related health issues.

The Three R's

While getting older is unavoidable, do you feel as if you're falling apart along the way?

The Three R's addresses the need of lifestyle management. It focuses on easy to learn and incorporate daily habits to improve mind, diet, and exercise for peak health and productivity.

Judy knows that with 1:1 guidance from her and hard work from you, you can overcome your wellness hurdles.

Right Mind

Right Food

Right Exercise

"Judy's 'Eat Like You Give A Damn' coaching program and wellness book introduced me to a number of simple changes in my daily habits that made all the difference. It was easy and effortless to incorporate her principles and strategies into my hectic lifestyle. With her support and guidance, I achieved impressive results."

Annie Bagdasarian
Coaching Client

Master The Three R's

Begin today to supercharge your mental health, boost your nutritional needs, and build your physical stamina.

Decide now, to be happier, healthier, and stronger.


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