Fall In Love With These 3 Yoga Positions

your yoga practice Dec 24, 2017

For thousands of years yoga has provided endless mental and physical benefits to its practitioners.

Encouraging involvement in your own healing, yoga has the potential to be a transformative and insightful journey for its followers.

With nearly 37 million people in the US attending yoga classes, its growth shows no sign of slowing down. Up from 20 million in 2012, interest has nearly doubled in just a few short years; equating to about one in ten Americans attending yoga classes.

Fall in love...

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How To Promote Mindfulness When Eating (And REALLY Enjoy Your Meal)

Consider the experience your meals bring to your body.

How is it that the biologically necessary and pleasurable act of eating has become a troublesome and unhappy event in our daily lives? Why is it that in a country with an abundance of food do we often feel unsatisfied and disappointed with our meal choices?

The bottom line is that we have become disconnected to many daily functions and have forgotten how to be present while we eat. We consume food automatically and without consciousness.

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How To Promote Health & Wellness In Your Community

health and wellness Dec 10, 2017

Your body is your most valuable resource.

In order to succeed in today’s hectic and competitive environment, it is necessary to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Boosting your level of health and wellness will help you overcome life’s daily struggles and achieve your personal and professional goals.

When learning how to promote health and wellness in your community it can begin anywhere and at any level. Think outside of just advocating a program to your local government....

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The #1 Reason Why Workplace Wellness Is Important

corporate wellness Dec 03, 2017

Your workplace should set the tone for its employees

What is the value to your company of employees who:

  • Are present and pay attention to detail?
  • Are happy and work well together as a team?
  • Are responsive to customers in a positive manner?
  • Are conscientious and mindful of safety procedures?

As an employer, you have the opportunity to make a difference. When your employees feel good, they are able to work more effectively and efficiently. By reducing health risks and improving the quality of...

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Love Your Body By Recognizing The Importance Of Health & Wellness

love your body Nov 26, 2017

Your present and future health and happiness is up to you.

Managing a lifestyle that affords you a happy, healthy existence sounds like it should be easy enough, right? Unfortunately, for many people it’s a daily struggle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the number of American adults aged 20 and over that are affected with obesity is nearly 38% and those being overweight 33%. These figures, that total nearly 71%, reveal an imminent health crisis. If this...

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What To Do When You Get Bored With Healthy Eating

healthy eating Nov 19, 2017

Staying the course when attempting to feed your body nutritious foods can be a challenge.

After a few months of sticking to a healthy diet, it’s easy to lean heavily on the same few food choices and meals can become flavorless. If you don’t take the time to mix up your menu, chances are that sooner or later you will become uninterested and fall back into your bad habits.

Check out these simple tips for what to do when you get bored with healthy eating.

Search for new recipe ideas....

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How To Decide Which Yoga Is Right For You

your yoga practice Nov 12, 2017

Yoga, as practiced in the west, has become a symbol of patience, health and tranquility.

Yoga is a thriving industry and the data reveals significant growth. Nearly 37 million people in the US alone are attending yoga classes, up from 20 million in 2012 and the numbers continue to increase.

Along with this growth comes numerous variations of yoga styles available today. Offerings at studios and gyms across the country can be confusing and you may find the task of how to decide which yoga is...

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How Mindfulness Rewires The Brain To Foster Well-Being

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you’ve been introduced to the concept of mindfulness. It seems that the idea is everywhere and the business world is abuzz with its restorative properties.

Millions of people are recognizing the life-changing improvements and experiencing first-hand how mindfulness rewires the brain to foster well-being. They are living with greater consciousness, are more anchored in the present moment, and appreciating day-to-day life more fully.


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Top 25 Quotes On Health & Wellness

health and wellness Oct 29, 2017

Leading a lifestyle that contributes to your overall well-being sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, for many people it’s a daily struggle.

There are many obstacles that can derail your efforts to eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly; and the results of unhealthy choices day after day become evident.

The 1980’s fitness icon Richard Simmons once said, “You can’t buy it, you can’t rent it. You have to earn it. My formula has always been love...

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How To Start An Informal Workplace Walking Program

corporate wellness Oct 24, 2017

Envision a more physically active company. One in which you and your co-workers take the time to step away from the confines of your cubicles and move about throughout the day.

As a rule, walking is generally a safe and effective method of exercise for most people regardless of age and ability. It doesn’t require a fistful of cash, special equipment, or a dedicated fitness center; just the desire to reap the benefits of good health.

Enlist the help of enthusiastic colleagues to recruit...

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