What I’ve Learned From Practicing Self-Love & What You Should Know Too

love your body Jul 29, 2018

Inner bonding is the first step in the process to living an extraordinary life and provides a road map for learning to love yourself

Self-love is a popular phrase that has been getting more attention and is an important characteristic to a life well lived. And while it’s easy to tell someone to love themselves, I know from personal experience it can be much harder to follow through and do.

What I’ve learned from practicing self-love and what you should know too is that you can...

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It’s More Important Than Ever To Eat Healthy When Fighting Cancer

Getting the proper nourishment during and after cancer treatment can help patients feel better and get stronger.

Good nutrition is critical to maintaining optimal health at any stage of your life. A balanced diet includes eating foods and drinking liquids that have essential nutrients—vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and water—that the body requires to function at its best.

Because cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments can cause side effects that...

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Hugging—A Gentle, Magical Medicine!

health and wellness Jul 01, 2018

Hugs are far more than just an affectionate greeting, they are a powerful prescription for what ails you

Offering a potent wellness boost, hugs are a holistic way of healing the side-effects caused by disease, loneliness, stress and so much more. Research has proven the amazing health benefits of hugging; a gentle, magical medicine, aiding in restoring the mind, body and spirit.

A hug a day, may indeed keep the doctor away!

Hugging can heal feelings of isolation and loneliness

Building a...

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3 Essential Ways To Love Your Body & Thrive When Faced With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis delivers a devastating blow physically and emotionally—without warning you’re free falling

Your mind races and the wind is knocked out of you. In a New York minute, you find yourself in a heartbreaking tailspin and the life you have dreamed of is suddenly gone.

Just because you have cancer does not mean you have lost control of your life. Learn as much as you can about your cancer; ask questions and don’t be afraid to say something when you don’t...

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Start Loving Your Body Type Right This Minute!

love your body Jun 10, 2018

Wishing you were a specific shape or size is a thief waiting to steal your joy

Avoid falling into the trap that you’re not thin enough or pretty enough that is created by the constant onslaught of body-shaming social media hype. Stop comparing yourself to others by reducing the amount of time exposed to ridiculous promotional propaganda and start loving your body type right this minute!

More than likely, the problem isn’t your body at all, it’s what you think of it. Begin...

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Living Your Best Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

You have cancer. Perhaps the most frightening three words you will ever hear.

Life changes in an instant; suddenly and seriously. And after the initial shock diminishes you’re left with the realization of the overwhelming physical, emotional, and spiritual demands that lie ahead.

You’re facing the sobering urgency to develop a plan so that you can continue living your best life after a cancer diagnosis.

Take control of your feelings

Most often the initial reaction to ‘you...

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Employing Mindfulness To Develop A Competitive Edge

While promoting mindfulness to your employees may sound trendy, it’s a trend that’s been around for thousands of years

Because of the stressful and results-driven nature of any business, companies all over the world are profiting from the physical and mental qualities inherent in this ancient modality. Leading companies are realizing the benefits that this holistic practice offers and are employing mindfulness to develop a competitive edge among their employees.

What does it mean...

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The Fast Way To Effortlessly Reap The Benefits Of Your Yoga Practice

your yoga practice May 20, 2018

Refining your yoga practice will be a slow and steady evolution

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been attending yoga classes for a few months or a few years, there will always be room for improvement—that is why it is called a practice.

The fast way to effortlessly reap the benefits of your yoga practice is to decide to be your own first priority.

Yoga will encourage involvement in your overall health and wellness

Because yoga calls on your physical and mental senses, it has...

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Considering Buying Organic Junk Food? Beware, It’s STILL Junk Food!

healthy eating May 13, 2018

Simply because a product claims to be organic doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice for you

Shopping the aisles of many natural, conventional, and whole food stores you’ll find a variety of organic products to choose from. Increasingly, retailers are stocking their shelves with a wide selection that includes heavily processed organic grocery items.

If you are considering buying organic junk food, beware, it’s still junk food and should be treated as such.

More than ever,...

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Discovering The Ways Mindful Meditation Helps Cancer Patients

Coping with the reality of a cancer diagnosis and the treatments that lie ahead, you may be faced with seemingly endless challenges on your journey to health and wellness.

With the struggle to live in the present moment, more and more people are discovering the ways mindful meditation helps cancer patients decrease stress and increase psychological function.

Enhance your capacity to assuredly manage the urgency of cancer treatments and live in the present moment by learning how you can use...

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