7 Easy Ways To Boost Your Health & Wellness RIGHT NOW!

health and wellness Nov 04, 2018

When you are able to live in harmony with your body it will be the instrument to achieving your dreams

Learn to honor and respect it by incorporating these seven easy ways to boost your health and wellness right now!

#1 Meditation has long been heralded as a way to attain inner peace. Comparable to the way fitness is an approach to training the body, meditation is an approach to training the mind. It guides you to take time to become aware of your surrounding environment and pay attention to...

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Hugging—A Gentle, Magical Medicine!

health and wellness Jul 01, 2018

Hugs are far more than just an affectionate greeting, they are a powerful prescription for what ails you

Offering a potent wellness boost, hugs are a holistic way of healing the side-effects caused by disease, loneliness, stress and so much more. Research has proven the amazing health benefits of hugging; a gentle, magical medicine, aiding in restoring the mind, body and spirit.

A hug a day, may indeed keep the doctor away!

Hugging can heal feelings of isolation and loneliness

Building a...

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Living Your Best Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

You have cancer. Perhaps the most frightening three words you will ever hear.

Life changes in an instant; suddenly and seriously. And after the initial shock diminishes you’re left with the realization of the overwhelming physical, emotional, and spiritual demands that lie ahead.

You’re facing the sobering urgency to develop a plan so that you can continue living your best life after a cancer diagnosis.

Take control of your feelings

Most often the initial reaction to ‘you...

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6 Things You MUST Do Right Now To Help You Remain Cancer Free

You can reap the rewards of a lifetime of health by taking cancer prevention into your own hands.

Many types of cancer can be avoided or delayed by making smart personal choices. Researchers report that nearly half of all cancer cases are within your control. And while deaths from cancer have dropped by 25% since 1991, the statistics are still staggering. The American Cancer Society reported that more than 600,000 people died of cancer in 2017.

Begin your journey to wellness by putting to use...

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5 Scientific Explanations For How Health & Wellness Are Connected

health and wellness Mar 04, 2018

With so many choices influencing your mental and physical endurance, the path to health and wellness can be complicated and confusing.

Every day that you work toward improving your mind, body, and spirit you maximize your opportunities for enhancing personal growth, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Consider and explore these five scientific explanations for how health and wellness are connected, and develop personal care strategies that foster overall well-being.

How are health...

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3 Easy Tips To Improve Health & Wellness For The New Year

health and wellness Jan 01, 2018

If you’re like millions of people, you’ve made a commitment to get in shape, you’re going to do it this year—no matter what it takes.

Finally, the holidays have come and gone. As dedicated and focused as you may be on January 1st, many of you will be derailed in your journey to well-being; failing within the first few weeks because you have set overly ambitious and restrictive resolutions.

By understanding and implementing these 3 easy tips to improve your health and...

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How To Promote Health & Wellness In Your Community

health and wellness Dec 10, 2017

Your body is your most valuable resource.

In order to succeed in today’s hectic and competitive environment, it is necessary to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Boosting your level of health and wellness will help you overcome life’s daily struggles and achieve your personal and professional goals.

When learning how to promote health and wellness in your community it can begin anywhere and at any level. Think outside of just advocating a program to your local government....

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Top 25 Quotes On Health & Wellness

health and wellness Oct 29, 2017

Leading a lifestyle that contributes to your overall well-being sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, for many people it’s a daily struggle.

There are many obstacles that can derail your efforts to eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly; and the results of unhealthy choices day after day become evident.

The 1980’s fitness icon Richard Simmons once said, “You can’t buy it, you can’t rent it. You have to earn it. My formula has always been love...

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How Are Health & Wellness Related to Ageing?

health and wellness Sep 19, 2017

The ageing population in the United States is on the edge of a longevity revolution and it is advancing rapidly. Due to increased life expectancy and the growing numbers of baby boomers, the multitude of Americans aged 65 and older is expected to double in the next 25 years.

How will this staggering statistic effect your physical and mental fitness? How are health and wellness related to ageing?

Chronic diseases exact a heavy health burden on older adults. They are responsible for seven out...

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Why Is Health & Wellness So Important

health and wellness Aug 08, 2017

It’s no surprise that Americans are on a slippery slope when it comes to healthcare. With access and affordability to health insurance hanging in the balance, it’s more important than ever to take care of your mind, body and spirit.

With today’s technology and superior level of healthcare in the United States you may be asking why you should be so concerned? Why is health and wellness so important?

What is the difference between health and wellness?

Health focuses on the...

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