The Single-Most Effective Way To Amplify Corporate Wellness

corporate wellness Jan 20, 2019

When your staff feels healthy and strong, they are able to work more effectively and efficiently

Reducing health risks and improving the quality of life for staff members, your company has the opportunity to support its employees’ wellness, cultivating a high-energy workforce.

Recognize that as an employer, you have the opportunity to make a difference and you will be addressing the single-most effective way to amplify corporate wellness.

Your employees are your most valuable asset

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Workplace Wellness & Its Impact On Your Company's Bottom Line

corporate wellness Oct 21, 2018

As an employer, your company should set the tone for its employees

American employees often spend many long hours working. Whether their day has them seated at a desk in front of a computer, or rushing from one meeting to the next, their job may be posing serious risks to their mental and physical well-being.

You have the opportunity to make a difference; it may be time to explore workplace wellness and its impact on your company’s bottom line.

Keeping employees healthy is the key to...

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How Your Company Can Support Employees Going Through Cancer Treatment

Progressive companies are caring for workers who are cancer patients and survivors like never before

In order to maintain financial stability, a growing number of employees under medical care are faced with balancing their illness with their career. As well, an increasing number of them are having to assume caregiving roles for family members.

Reduced productivity during treatment and recovery for employees with cancer and for those caring for loved ones will have a significant impact on the...

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Employing Mindfulness To Develop A Competitive Edge

While promoting mindfulness to your employees may sound trendy, it’s a trend that’s been around for thousands of years

Because of the stressful and results-driven nature of any business, companies all over the world are profiting from the physical and mental qualities inherent in this ancient modality. Leading companies are realizing the benefits that this holistic practice offers and are employing mindfulness to develop a competitive edge among their employees.

What does it mean...

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Why Corporate Yoga Classes For Cancer Patients Are A Good Idea

Companies are continuing to go beyond what is expected to promote health, happiness, and productivity

While workplace wellness programs aren’t anything new, they have evolved tremendously over the past few years. A nearly $8 billion industry in the US, and $40 billion worldwide, corporate wellness programs are expected to grow by almost 8% through the year 2021.

Engaging in expanded holistic techniques when addressing employee well-being, more companies are including the mindful...

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Workplace Wellness Topics That Are Often Overlooked That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

corporate wellness Feb 25, 2018

Busy executives have greater responsibility in their personal and professional lives than ever before.

Therefore, more and more corporate wellness programs are being introduced to help employees who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office.

Improving the work environment by providing programs designed to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors, it is easier for employees to find a balance that fits their challenging schedules.

If you are a participant in your...

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How To Improve Workplace Wellness So You Actually Benefit From It

corporate wellness Jan 21, 2018

When you’re working toward accomplishing any goal it’s important to have a plan and to stick to it—your health aspirations are no different.

With the support of co-workers and a few tricks of the fitness trade, you can easily learn how to improve workplace wellness so you actually benefit from it.

Accountability is the key to achieving your wellness goals


Begin by understanding that it’s your motivation that will get you started—but you will need more, a...

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The #1 Reason Why Workplace Wellness Is Important

corporate wellness Dec 03, 2017

Your workplace should set the tone for its employees

What is the value to your company of employees who:

  • Are present and pay attention to detail?
  • Are happy and work well together as a team?
  • Are responsive to customers in a positive manner?
  • Are conscientious and mindful of safety procedures?

As an employer, you have the opportunity to make a difference. When your employees feel good, they are able to work more effectively and efficiently. By reducing health risks and improving the quality of...

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How Mindfulness Rewires The Brain To Foster Well-Being

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you’ve been introduced to the concept of mindfulness. It seems that the idea is everywhere and the business world is abuzz with its restorative properties.

Millions of people are recognizing the life-changing improvements and experiencing first-hand how mindfulness rewires the brain to foster well-being. They are living with greater consciousness, are more anchored in the present moment, and appreciating day-to-day life more fully.


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How To Start An Informal Workplace Walking Program

corporate wellness Oct 24, 2017

Envision a more physically active company. One in which you and your co-workers take the time to step away from the confines of your cubicles and move about throughout the day.

As a rule, walking is generally a safe and effective method of exercise for most people regardless of age and ability. It doesn’t require a fistful of cash, special equipment, or a dedicated fitness center; just the desire to reap the benefits of good health.

Enlist the help of enthusiastic colleagues to recruit...

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