How To Promote Health & Wellness In Your Community

health and wellness Dec 10, 2017

Your body is your most valuable resource.

In order to succeed in today’s hectic and competitive environment, it is necessary to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Boosting your level of health and wellness will help you overcome life’s daily struggles and achieve your personal and professional goals.

When learning how to promote health and wellness in your community it can begin anywhere and at any level. Think outside of just advocating a program to your local government. Include group opportunities you may be a part of—trade associations, social clubs, non-profit organizations, recreation programs, or your place of employment—to name a few.

Why focus on prevention and promoting health?

Supporting an able-bodied community is vital to citizens who are more susceptible to wellness challenges than others. In particular, seniors, children, and low-income populations that have limited options to improve their health are at greater risk of chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are the primary driver of health care costs and are responsible for seven out of every ten deaths in the United States. Subsequently, more than 1.7 million people die every year from problems associated with diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

With such staggering statistics, health promotion can play a pivotal role in the reduction and prevention of life threatening illnesses and have a significant impact on the wellness of a community.

What is the meaning of health and wellness?

Health focuses on an individual’s physical and mental makeup being free from disease, disability, or affliction. It is a goal to be achieved—for example, lowering blood pressure or controlling diabetes are objectives to be reached.

Wellness is more than being free from disease, it is the spirited process of change and growth that lasts for a lifetime. It includes the long-term harmony of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

5 tips to get you started.

Tip #1 Know the facts. Be able to make your case for the worth of your idea by offering clear-cut objectives. For example, physical fitness is crucial to individual health and can help to build community connections and reduce social isolation. The benefits of an active lifestyle include improved physical and mental well-being as well as reduced risk for cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

Tip #2 Enlist the help of enthusiastic partners. Recruit local businesses to sponsor your endeavor; work together as a group and create a buzz for your program. Something as simple as a casual walking group can be the catalyst to reduced health risks and lower medical costs for participants.

Tip #3 Start small, design a simple plan of action. Encourage participation by being a devoted and impassioned role model; show others how they can celebrate their fitness and overall well-being. By cultivating a social atmosphere, it can be enjoyable and challenging, as well as fostering community spirit among your group.

Tip #4 Be clear about what you want your group to achieve by identifying goals. Establish strategies that will help accomplish health and wellness objectives. Regard your goals as a way to advance rather than a final destination; attaining your goals should not be the end, but rather a means to another target. Set a time frame by specifying a start and end date.

Tip #5 Be prepared to work together as a team as you develop your idea—it needs to be a collaborative effort. If you want to help others to live longer, healthier lives, all levels of government, non-profit organizations, community groups and the private sector need to work together. You will be joining forces with others to brainstorm, assign responsibilities, and develop a plan of action.

Take the lead to build a healthier society.

You can play an important role in preventing chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles to the residents of your community. By partnering with your local government, organizations, and civic leaders, you can have a direct impact on the physical, social, and mental well-being of the citizens in your municipality.

Maintaining wellness involves much more than meets the eye. It is the holistic connection between the mind, body and spirit; the understanding that a healthy mind supports a healthy body and a healthy body supports a healthy mind.

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle needn’t be difficult; the biggest determining factor will be in how you choose to live your life. If you are ignoring your health it will soon go away.

I am a wellness coach and master yoga instructor. If you would like help designing a health and wellness program for your group contact me today. Follow me on Facebook at Fit You Wellness Solutions.


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