How To Love Your Body With Yoga

With the daily bombardment of social media, we are constantly hijacked by images, posts and tweets. For both men and women, it is hard not to be affected in some way by this cultural pressure to be shaping a perfect body and living an ideal life.

When looking in the mirror and assessing yourself you generally see only flaws, and are quick to compare yourself to others. Whatever your struggles, whatever your issues, you can learn how to love your body with yoga.

Yoga encourages involvement in your own healing. It has evolved into a practice that almost anyone can do, including those with limited flexibility and strength. It is not necessary to have the mind of a mystic, the body of a gymnast, or the spirituality of a monk to begin. It’s time to stop allowing negative thoughts about yourself to dictate what you can or cannot do.

A regular yoga practice offers you many vital benefits; it has the immense potential to be a transformative and insightful journey. Calling on all of your physical and mental senses, it requires you to cultivate and deepen the connection between your mind, body and spirit.

Sound Mind

Yoga has a clever way of circumventing the mental patterns that cause anguish and suffering; healing the body from the inside out. Bringing your awareness to your breath will result in being more in touch with your emotions. It will help quiet your mind long enough to stop the freight train of negative thoughts, judgments and what if’s.


Mental health benefits of yoga:

·      Reduces anxiety, irritability and the effects of shifting hormones

·      Increases brain function, boosts creativity and fosters passion

·      Improves focus, raises motivation and lifts mood

·      Promotes healthy habits, positive body image and self-healing

·      Raises psychological awareness and elevates stress threshold

Love your body with yoga; it is a holistic and healing medicine for a sound mind. Rather than reaching for a pill, try reaching for your yoga mat. If you allow your mind and body to join together you can transform your relationship with yourself, consciously effecting change.

Healthy Body

While yoga is widely known for its benefits in developing flexibility, it’s less likely to be known for its fundamental healing powers to the body. Yoga offers more bang for your buck with regard to your physical well-being and overall health than meets the eye; it helps keep your body free from disease at a cellular level.

Today, more than ever before, doctors are recommending yoga to their patients as a means to heal. They understand that it’s not a quick fix, but instead, a powerful, yet slow medicine to improve the quality of your life.

Physical health benefits of yoga:

·      Lowers blood pressure, blood sugar and the need for medication

·      Strengthens muscles and bones; improving balance, coordination and posture

·      Improves function of body systems (digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, etc.)

·      Increases energy and circulation, heightens brain function and body awareness

·      Promotes joint health, weight loss and deep breathing

One of the greatest lessons that yoga offers is that everything in your body is connected; and with a regular practice the benefits of yoga will continue to grow. If you’re willing and able you can learn to love your body with yoga and keep it running like a finely tuned engine.

Soaring Spirit       

There are countless ways to see yourself in comparison to others. With the endless stream of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in all the ego, showing off and self-love taking place. Even though you know a lot of what you see is smoke and mirrors, it’s easy to believe that everyone else’s life revolves around rainbows and unicorns.

Yoga will help you transform your relationship with yourself. With a regular practice it will take you beyond your physical body and guide you to tap into your spiritual well-being. Be more aware of what you want, let your intuition and sense of self guide you and your life will flourish.

Spiritual health benefits of yoga:

·      Elevates self-esteem, self-confidence and self-control

·      Cultivates awareness, gratitude, and insight

·      Fosters deeper connections and loving relationships

·      Raises consciousness and intuition

·      Deepens inner peace, joy and harmony

Through yoga you will gain an appreciation for who you are and what you are capable of no matter what life throws at you. Move toward a happier, healthier and more peaceful existence by tuning into your body, your mind and your spirit. It’s time to recognize how amazing and unique you are, and that you have something to offer the world that no one else can.

Transform your mind, body and spirit

When you look at how yoga can transform your physical, mental and spiritual health it’s easy to see why it has become so popular and is now a widespread practice in the United States. Experts agree that yoga has a restorative effect on the mind, body and spirit and contributes to a heightened sense of overall well-being.

Yoga allows you to be who you are and gives you considerable control of how you interact with the world around you. Forge a new relationship with your body and witness your full potential; gain a true appreciation for who you are and what you are capable of through this age-old practice.

It’s time to go beyond thinking something is a good idea to actually implementing it into your life. Trust that the answers you are looking for lie within you; be an advocate for your own health and well-being. Love your body with yoga, you won’t be disappointed.

I am a corporate wellness consultant. As a master yoga instructor, I support in-house wellness programs, seminars, trade shows and executive retreats. I help business leaders build and maintain physical and mental well-being. If you would like to learn more about offering a health and fitness program to your busy management team contact me at [email protected] or 386.871.0582



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