How Healthy Eating Affects Your Brain & Other Benefits You May Have Never Thought Of!

healthy eating Apr 15, 2018

Like a well-tended to piece of equipment, your body functions best when it is properly cared for.

There is scientific evidence that proves a healthy diet affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Researchers are uncovering facts that show there are more consequences and correlations between the food you eat and how your body functions than previously thought.

By choosing to feed yourself high quality foods packed with vitamins and minerals, you will keep your body running like a well-oiled machine. Read on and learn more about how healthy eating affects your brain and other benefits you may have never thought of.

Your brain on food

On 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your brain is running the show! Always functioning and in need of high-quality fuel, what you put in your mouth will make all the difference in how you are able to carry on and maneuver throughout your day.

Unbalanced and nutritionally void diets are harmful to your brain and consequences are to be expected. For example, multiple studies have found a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and impaired brain function—as well as the worsening of symptoms in mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

Nourishing your brain with good quality food will help to protect you from oxidative stress—the waste products or ‘free radicals’ that are formed as the body uses oxygen, and damaging it at a cellular level. The field of nutritional psychiatry is acknowledging the association between food and mood; connecting what you eat, how you feel, and ultimately how you behave.

Eating and relationships

When you provide your body with adequate nutrition through a wholesome diet, it is given the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly, and you will feel more balanced and happy as a result.

Looking and feeling good fosters self-confidence; leading you to be more outgoing and therefore enjoying a better quality of life. Eating a healthy diet lowers your risk of unwanted weight gain and diet-related illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Research reveals that eating together as a family promotes family time and has quantifiable positive effects physically and psychologically on your children. Kids who eat dinner with their parents have higher grade-point averages, self-esteem, and report being closer to their parents. Family dinners have also been reported in the lowering of high-risk teenage behaviors like smoking, binge drinking, drug use and sexual activity.

Let a healthy diet be your personal fountain of youth.

Mental health and your diet

Because each and every cell in your body is derived from the food you eat, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. Food isn’t simply calories; it is information; it talks to your DNA.

Therefore, what you eat is a superior source of power for your brain; having an absolute relationship to your mental health and emotional stability. With nearly 1 in 4 Americans suffering from some type of mental illness each year, the CDC reports that by 2020, depression will rank as the second leading cause of disability, after heart disease.

Research has shown that learning and memory, illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease benefit from a healthy, reduced-calorie diet. Psychiatrists are recognizing the nutrition-mental health connection and treatment plans are including nutrient dense foods because they are an essential part of healing.

Energy levels and food choices

Strength, alertness, coordination, and vitality are all set in motion by your dietary habits. Therefore, what you eat and drink will determine how you feel and what you are able to accomplish throughout the day.

Consume wholesome, nutritious food to boost your energy levels; be prepared to tackle whatever your day has in store. Drink enough water. It is your body’s principal chemical component and is involved in every type of cellular process in your body. When you’re dehydrated, your body runs less efficiently.

An inadequate diet filled with unhealthy food choices will place an enormous strain on your overall well-being. If you find yourself alternating between energy spikes and crashes, it’s time to take a hard look at how and what you are fueling your body with.

Maintaining wellness throughout your life involves so much more than meets the eye. It is a connection between the mind, body and spirit. You must understand that a healthy mind supports a healthy body and a healthy body supports a healthy mind.

By learning how healthy eating affects your brain and other benefits you may have never thought of you can begin your journey to living an improved lifestyle.

I am a corporate wellness consultant. As a master yoga instructor, I support in-house wellness programs, seminars, trade shows and executive retreats. I help business leaders build and maintain physical and mental well-being. If you would like to learn more about offering a health and fitness program to your busy management team contact me at [email protected] or 386.871.0582



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