Hi, I'm Judy Molinaro. When I first became interested in exercise (nearly 40 years ago, YIKES!) and the many modalities of physical and mental fitness I walked in a novice. I walked out a master yoga instructor and certified fitness trainer. 

I am the author of the health and fitness book Eat Like You Give A Damn, Give up, Give in, or Give it all you’ve got! Having grown up in New England a full-blooded Italian girl, I know and love great food! As a family, if we weren't preparing food or eating food, we were talking about food; what we were going to eat, when we were going to eat it, and who we were going to prepare and eat it with.

Professionally, my superpower is helping you become the healthiest person you can be; always keeping it relevant and real. Personally, I have gypsy in my genes. I love adventure travel and find it's the best medicine for the mind, body and spirit.

As an animal welfare advocate, I answer to the title 'Crazy Cat Lady'. I am a founding member of Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare, a non-profit corporation dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation. I have been a foster mom to dozens of abandoned pets and am a lover of all things wild. I live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with my two cats Sissy and LuLu.

To learn more about my professional skills and teaching credentials visit me on LinkedIn.


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