Judy Molinaro

Helping you become the healthiest person you can be.


As a wellness coach and master yoga instructor Judy is trained to help you identify your health goals and break them down into manageable steps; tracking your progress, and identifying and overcoming personal roadblocks. Stop the madness of getting up every single day, merely existing and mindlessly putting one foot in front of the other, without even knowing where you're going.



Western culture considers the mind and body to be independent systems. On the contrary; physical activity and a healthy diet are critical to the way we think, feel, and function. Judy collaborates with corporate event planners, sharing her 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry as a master yoga instructor, wellness coach, and workshop facilitator at conferences, seminars, and trade shows. 



Judy is a devoted volunteer who feels strongly about giving back to the community. She teams up with event coordinators of non-profit agencies to help raise awareness and create unique fundraising campaigns. Judy strives to deepen the connection of corporate partners and charitable organizations to their community by rallying civic minded people around causes of social good.


"Judy has the passion in sharing her skills as a wellness instructor and motivational speaker in helping any organization, of any size, build productivity for their business. All while making it fun for employees and giving back to the community. It's a win-win for all."

Pam Carrier
Creative Director, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley

"Judy has a richly diverse background and would be an valued asset in any health care and training organization. She is not only a talented yoga instructor but practices in many of the health, fitness, and nutrition domains. Her skills span a wide range of knowledge for training, workshops, consulting, and one-on-one instruction."

Mark Castle
Lead Program Manager, Castle Associates Consulting

"Judy's 'Eat Like You Give A Damn' coaching program and wellness guide introduced me to a number of simple changes in my daily habits that made all the difference. It was easy and effortless to incorporate her principles and strategies into my hectic lifestyle. With her support and guidance, I achieved impressive results."

Annie Bagdasarian

3 Action Steps To A Healthier You

One of the most inherent patterns I encounter with clients is that of self- neglect. There is nothing wrong with stepping back and taking a break from things and concentrating on yourself for a change. You can't fix everything that's broken and you will never make everyone happy. It's not only okay to pay attention to your needs, it's essential.


Eat Like You Give A Damn

If you're searching for a straightforward eating plan and fitness routine that will lead you to a more energetic lifestyle look no further.

Begin right now and you will start seeing the results one day earlier than if you wait until tomorrow. The smallest step in the right direction may end up being the biggest step of your life.



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Emphasizing the concept of mind, body, and spirit, Judy's blog guides you to walk the walk. It offers you tips on weight loss, healthy eating, practicing mindfulness, and incorporating yoga and exercise into your already busy lifestyle.

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Emphasizing the concept of mind, body, and spirit, my blog guides you to walk the walk. It offers you tips on weight loss, healthy eating, practicing mindfulness, and incorporating yoga and exercise into your already busy lifestyle.